Sousveil Your Politicians

"Sousveillance" comes from the French "sous" (from below) and "viller" (to watch). To Watch from Below.

The surveillance of data typically involves the use of machine learning algorithms that automatically classify data based on statistical similarities to known targets. This process can lead to false-positives. Help politicians understand the ramifications of misclassifications.

 Sousveil a Politician


The Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency (CSIA) is an interactive artwork that allows users to perform the role of an intelligence analyst through an online interface. It is based on techniques known to be used by intelligence agencies from technical documents, Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and leaked documents. The goal of the project is to help people understand both the effectiveness of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) processing, and its impact on our privacy.

The CSIA is part of Jennifer Gradecki and Derek Curry's PhD dissertation research, and was made possible by the generous support of Science Gallery Dublin, where the main terminal was located throughout the duration of the SECRET exhibtion.

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Agent Bayes
Machine Learning Classifier

Agent Bayes is the machine-learning classifying algorithm for the CSIA that replicates the automated classification process of OSINT. Visitors to the CSIA can see the Agent Bayes’ decisions and rate its performance—this feedback will then be used to improve the algorithm. Once the algorithm is more stable, both it and the training corpus will be open sourced to the public.

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Target your friends

The Watchlist allows registered users to target themselves and others as subjects of social media monitoring, and provides automated evaluations from two machine-learning classifiers to show how social media posts may be treated by OSINT surveillance systems. The Watchlist is based on leaked technical documents that reveal how watchlists are constructed and used by intelligence agencies.

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Social Media Post Inspector

The Social Media Post Inspector allows you to test a social media post to see how it will potentially be processed by OSINT systems before you post it to social media. The Post Inspector returns results from a keyword search and an Agent Bayes evaluation. There is an option to tweet the post directly from the interface.