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  • Tags: promotional material, surveillance software, OSINT
  • Description: Surveillance software with access to every tweet that can geographically tag tweets in real-time, and monitor and analyze selected keywords, locations and watch listed individuals.
  • http://brightplanet.com/bluejay/
  • Tags: ethnographic report
  • Description: 2005 ethnographic report detailing intelligence analysis shortcomings after 9/11, arguing that analysis is not a scientific method but relies upon imagination and intuition.
  • https://fas.org/irp/cia/product/curing.pdf
  • Tags: FOIA document
  • Description: Heavily redacted FBI records, obtained by DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy (DBA/CMD) via a 2013 FOIA request, pertaining to the Anonymous "hacktivist" group Lulzsec
  • http://www.scribd.com/doc/196828296/fbi-lulzsec-files
  • Tags: related sources, data mining
  • Description: Epic.org Electronic Privacy Information Center's project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to reveal the code that makes judgments about us.
  • https://www.epic.org/algorithmic-transparency/
  • Tags: promotional material, surveillance software, natural language processing
  • Description: MITRE corporation report about the Mitre Text and Audio Processing (MiTAP) system that automatically gathers, translates, organizes, and presents information from open news sources to monitor disease outbreaks and global events.
  • https://www.mitre.org/sites/default/files/pdf/mitap.pdf
  • Tags: promotional material, surveillance software, OSINT
  • Description: Social media security company whose products generate real-time, automated and predictive social media monitoring and threat assessment.
  • https://www.zerofox.com/
  • Tags: promotional material, surveillance software, OSINT
  • Description: Surveillance software that automates the collection, analysis and scoring of data feeds built on both proprietary and open source technologies, including the Flask framework in Python.
  • https://constellation.haystax.com/#/
  • Tags: ethnographic report
  • Description: 2013 sociology dissertation revealing that post-9/11, intelligence agents feel they are drowning in too much information but worry they are not sharing enough information with each other.
  • http://repository.upenn.edu/dissertations/AAI3565195/
  • Tags: promotional material, surveillance software, OSINT
  • Description: One of the first internet tech companies to make predictive analytics tools, using open source data feeds, available to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
  • https://www.recordedfuture.com/open-source-intelligence/